Back Workout #1

1. Pull-ups- the regular old-school kind- as many as I could do, which was 2.

2. Then using a pull-up machine that offers assistance, set the weight to half your body weight and do 50 reps, in however many sets it takes. I did 20 the first set, 15 the second set, and 15 the third set.

3. Dead lifts with a 20 lb bar, 2 sets of 25

4. Seated Wide Grip Cable Pull-Downs—(using that bar that’s straight across the top and slants down on either side) overhand grip, pulling all way down to my chin—20 lbs, 25 reps, 2 sets
Then a set of what I call “halfsies” because you’re cutting the distance that you go up and down in half, intensifying the exercise. Pulling all the way down to my chin then halfway up, back down to my chin, and halfway up, 25 times.

5. Seated rows on the cable machine using a close-grip handle. I gotta start taking pictures of this equipment because some of it is really hard to describe. Anyway, bend your knees slightly and keep your elbows as tight to your side, pull your elbows back as far as you can, focusing on using your back muscles to pull (using your biceps as little as possible). 25 lbs, 20 reps, 2 sets

Let the fat-burning begin!

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