Chicken Salad of the Goddesses

Chicken Salad of the Goddesses
Just saying the word “picnic” can bring you back to a breezy afternoon, the gorgeous indulgence of doing absolutely nothing—just lounging and lunching on a blanket in fresh air. There’s just something about picnicking that makes you feel like you’re living out a whimsical scene from a movie or a storybook, soaking in every moment, knowing you’re making memories.

We need to go on picnics more often, don’t we, Goddesses?

The trick is getting out the door as soon as the mood strikes, before that never ending To-Do List sitting on the counter gets a chance to guilt us out of it. This is where Chicken Salad of the Goddesses comes in. Ta-da! It’s as fast to make as it is dazzling to eat!

And, the other gorgeous thing about it is that while that To-Do List will always greet us at the door with a tinge of guilt when we get home, Chicken Salad of the Goddesses does nothing of the sort. It’s a lunch that rounds out our blissful picnic day with sweet satisfaction: We took care of ourselves today and our waistlines will thank us for it for weeks! : )

Watch how easy it is to whip up for your picnic!
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– A Whole Chicken cooked (Keep it super easy and just grab a Rotisserie Chicken that’s already made at the grocery store. You can also substitute about 6 Cooked Chicken Breasts if that’s what you happen to have on-hand.)
– 2/3 Cup 0% Plain Greek Yogurt (or the entire little 6 oz. cup if you get the single serving size)
– 2/3 Cup Mayonnaise
Note: The benefit to using both is that the Greek Yogurt cuts out a lot of fat while still allowing the Mayonnaise to give the salad some full bodied flavor! But if you only have one or the other—Greek Yogurt or Mayonnaise—then just put in 1 Cup plus 1/3 Cup of whichever one you have.)
– 2 Medium Onions (Red, Yellow or White Onions will all work)
– 8-10 Stalks of Celery
– 3 to 4 Eggs
– 2/3 Cup Pesto – optional (Pesto can also be snagged at the store already made!)
– Salt & Pepper


Put eggs in a small or medium pot. Then, fill the pot with enough water to completely cover the eggs. Heat the pot on the stove on high, and once the water is boiling, set your timer for 10 minutes.

While the eggs are boiling, use a fork and a knife (and your fingers if you want!) to pick as much meat as you can off the chicken (breast, legs, thighs, everything) and put the meat into a big bowl. Just make sure it’s only meat that ends up in the bowl, no bones or weird tendon-thingys. When you’re done, put the bowl of chicken in the refrigerator to cool.

By this time, your timer for the eggs will have probably gone off. Take the pot off the stove and pour out as much of the boiling water as you can into the sink (be careful, it’s hot!) without dumping the eggs out. Then, refill the pot with cold water and set it aside to cool. The cold water is a little Trick of the Goddesses that will make the egg shells come right off when we’re ready to peel them.

Peel the onions. Wash the celery. Dice both the onions and the celery.

Pull your bowl of chicken out of the fridge and cut it into bite sized pieces. Add your diced onions and celery to the bowl and stir until it’s all nice and mixed up.

Then, peel the egg shells off the eggs. Place the boiled eggs in the bowl and chop them into bite sized pieces.

Then, add the mayonnaise and/or the Greek yogurt to the bowl. Then, add the pesto if you have it, and mix everything up until the chicken, celery and onion are all evenly covered.

Then, add salt and pepper. Start with one teaspoon of each, taste the chicken salad and if it needs a little more of one or the other to suit your taste, add it in, just a little at a time, tasting the salad as you go, until it tastes fabulous to you! Note: Go easy on the salt (you don’t want too much sodium), but feel free to go crazy on the pepper if that’s your style. :)


1. The Most Goddesslike Serving Suggestion for Your Goddess Figure:
Top a bowl of salad greens with a couple of scoops of Chicken Salad of the Goddesses. So fresh, so delicious!

2. Another Goddesslike Serving Suggestion:
Eat Chicken Salad of the Goddesses as is. Scoop it into a bowl, grab a fork and enjoy!

3. Next In Line In Order Of Goddessness:
Pour a serving size or less of whole-wheat crackers onto a plate (for example with wheat thins, a serving size is about 15 crackers) and use the crackers as little, edible “scoops” to eat Chicken Salad of the Goddesses out of a bowl. Yum!

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