My Big Experiment

Back from 3 weeks of being a Culinary Adventuress through Spain and France (eating whatever the “Du Jour” the chef or server or new friend recommended as THE specialty of the region, restaurant, season, etc. or simply because the dish was exotic, a tradition or just plain irresistible), I’m back with a palate full of unforgettable memories!  The downside?  A few weeks later, those decadent moments have officially translated into, well… let’s just call them “extra-curricular inches” that have made my favorite little sundresses a little too snug for me to twirl around in all of a sudden.  Don’t get me wrong, I have no regrets, whatsoever… it’s just a reminder that I have to get back on track and I know myself well enough to know that I need a concrete goal— not just a certain day on the calendar but an actual event that will keep me focused and accountable.  So, I’m doing (for me) the unthinkable.  I’m going to compete in a Women’s Fitness/Figure Competition!  I know, you’re like, “What the what?”  I can’t believe it either.  So, here’s how I came to this what-still-feels-like-a-random/outlandish-decision:  My friend, Jonathan, has been trying to sell me on the idea for over a year now.  He competes and trains people for these types of things.  Jonathan looks like a real-life He-Man so I assumed he was trying to get me to compete in a hard core bodybuilding contest, which, as you know for girly-girl me, is not in my wheelhouse.  Still, he kept bugging me about it, so to try to shut it down, one day, I told him flat-out, I had no interest in getting huge and shredded.

He laughed at my apparently outdated idea of fitness competitions and explained that they’ve evolved over the years—especially for women—for that very reason.  Apparently, now there are competitions that focus on being toned and feminine.  Ok, that sounded a little more appealing but still, I can’t just drop everything and workout all day long… I have to work, you know, earn a living?  Jonathan promises it’s not a full-time endeavor.  He says, it’s about being smart with the time you have—smart workouts, smart eating, and smart strategies.  I was intrigued, but not convinced.  He brought it up again the other day and after I noticed, the extra curricular inches I accumulated in Europe in the mirror… I was sold.  I mean, researching and experimenting with food and fitness is what I do for kicks everyday— reading articles, Googling vitamins and anatomy, trying new recipes and workouts, and relaying all this delicious info I come across to the people I care about… it’s what makes me tick.  So, why not go for the gold?  Not literally of course.  I’m pretty sure they don’t give gold medals out at these fitness competitions but I mean just really go for it, learn what the pros know and then get it out there to you guys, my peeps/Petrels.  Why does everything have to be such a secret?  That’s always been frustrating to me.  Why can’t we all just know what it takes to feel and look our best? 

You guys know me. I’m no bull.  None of this “it’s just about eating less and moving more” we keep reading and reading and hearing over and over.  We all know it’s not that simple.  I’m going to break it down and get to what we all want to know:  what works and what doesn’t—whatever the goal is—fitting into THAT dress, losing post-baby weight, blowing people away at your high school reunion or your high school prom.  If I can do a fitness competition—me— someone who is 5’3” and has never had a high or even standard metabolism (not even as a child or teen), someone who is crunched for time and travels a lot for work (limiting food choices and workouts), someone who needs food to be delicious to eat it (i.e. I can’t choke down boiled kale and chicken and pretend it’s good because it’s “good for you”) then what works for me has got to be foolproof, right?  I’m super excited to see what happens!  I’ll keep you posted along the way!  xoxo 

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