Oat Crusted Chicken Cutlets of The Goddesses

Back to the lab again… My kitchen. Ready for a new experiment (Experiment sounds so much better than I don’t feel like going to the grocery store to get a bunch of ingredients I don’t have so I’m going to come up with something based on whatever is currently in my fridge and pantry, doesn’t it?)

In the fridge: Chicken breasts… aaaaand asparagus—a solid start! Chicken falls in the Fabulous Column in terms of inch-loss goals, but when you’re eating chicken multiple times a week, it can get really old, really quick. Grilled Chicken is what I’ve been ordering off of menus while I’ve been on the road the past couple of weeks, so grilling this chicken is absolutely out of the question.

In the pantry: First thing I see on the top shelf, what I bought right before I left: Oats…. aaaaand Coconut Oil. Jonathan said I needed to start eating oatmeal (It’s a good carb!) and the coconut oil is a pantry staple that needed replenishing (Coconut oil is like a Superhero in oil-form. It does a million things for your body, including—but not limited to— burning fat, fighting off viruses, infections, Alzheimer’s, lowering cholesterol… one day I’ll have to do a full write-up, but for now, trust me).

Anyway, the oats and oil got the creative juices flowing. Here’s what transpired:
I rinsed off the chicken breasts and cut off the stragglers— ligaments, fat, etc.— and patted the chicken dry with a paper towel.

Then, I took my oats (rolled oats, not the quick-cooking ones, and definitely not the instant. Rolled oats fall in the “safe zone” on the glycemic index whereas the quick-cooking and instant ones fall in the high range of the glycemic index which means they cause spikes to blood sugar, energy drainage, damaged blood vessels, increased appetite… all things that fall in the Anti-Fabulous Column)… poured about a cup of oats into a bowl and then looked to my spice shelf for inspiration (environment is critical to the creative process).

I put in a teaspoon each of parsley, paprika, oregano, and “italian blend” (you know, just to round it out), a tablespoon of crushed red peppers to add a lil’ heat 😉
…and just mixed it all up gently with a fork.

Then I put an empty pan over medium-high heat …
and while that was warming up, I grabbed a bowl and whisked 2 eggs in it…
…dipped each piece of chicken into the eggs and then right into the oat bowl. When all the pieces were nicely covered in oats and spices…
I dropped a tablespoon of coconut oil into the pan (avocado oil works great as well and has much less saturated fat)
…and as soon as it melted, swirled it around the pan and began adding the chicken until the pan was full.

While the chicken was cooking, I took the opportunity to start simmering water in another pan, wash the asparagus and pop the ends off.
(Multi-tasking is not a strength of mine until I’m starving and then, all of a sudden, it comes to me.)

That took about 6 minutes. Perfect! I flipped the chicken breasts over, lowered the heat to medium and covered the pan with a lid. The chicken breasts I had were pretty thick and I wanted them to cook evenly all the way through. Covering them did the trick. 😉 To cook them completely (no pink inside) took another 6-7 minutes.
With 5 minutes left on the clock…
I dropped the asparagus in the simmering water… and at the sound of the buzzer—it was time to serve it all up!

I’m not trying to showboat here, but it was awesome!!! Believe me, I’ve had my share of failed experiments. This one just hit the jackpot for some reason. Ta da!!!
The bonus is, I’m going to get a *Gold Star* from Jonathan for figuring out a way to get some oats in my diet. I can’t do straight-up cooked oatmeal in a bowl. I think it’s the texture. It just weirds me out. But you know what, I’m a problem-solver. Bam: Oat Crusted Chicken Cutlets of The Goddesses. Yup.

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