Road Test: Biceps or Bust

Remember when I was all “Tomorrow, it’s biceps or bust!” Well, it was a bust. We didn’t get back from our shoot until 11pm and with an early flight the next morning, it was clear Biceps Day was not happening and it wouldn’t the next day either. I wasn’t scheduled to land at LaGuardia until 10pm. That’s taking 2 unnecessary days off from lifting. I was mad at myself for not squeezing in the workout before the shoot. Already my routine was unraveling and I just started training! If this was happening during the start-up, gung-ho, super-motivated, honeymoon phase, what about a few weeks from now? My 4 to 6 month competition goal was looking like it may need to double to 8 to 12 months, if it happened at all.

It was late. Doubt was getting heavier and so were my eyelids. It was time to go to bed.

The next morning, the Fitness Goddesses swoop in: As I’m packing to leave the hotel, I get a phone call that under any other circumstances would have been considered inconvenient. For me, it was exactly what I wanted to hear: A recorded message from American Airlines telling me my flight was 45 minutes delayed! That’s more than enough time to hit biceps! I got going immediately.
IMG_7571 IMG_7579

Here’s a link to the workout: Biceps On The Road

I loved the whole multi-tasking component of this workout too! In between sets, I finished my packing, organized my paperwork, looked up directions to the rental car place… This may be a system I bring back home with me for those days when I need to get organized or clean the apartment, to break up the monotony of those chores!

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