The #GoddessApproved Chef Challenge Begins!


Chefs are challenged to use their culinary prowess to cook a dish that would qualify as a bonafide

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(i.e. a Cancer-Fighting Dish):

A. Is Deliciously Divine
B. Fits into the Paleo Lifestyle: Grass-fed meats, fish/seafood, fresh vegetables, eggs, nuts, seeds, healthy oils, Low Sugar/Low Carb
C. Is 100% Real Food: No additives, chemicals, antibiotics or hormones
D. Contains only Cancer-Fighting Ingredients: Foods that are anti-inflammatory, full of antioxidants, etc.

The Chef’s dish can be:

A. Straight off the menu (if it already meets the above criteria)
B. An altered version of a dish on the menu (altered to meet the above criteria)
C. A new creation

When a Chef cooks a dish that is #GoddessApproved, the Goddesses will make a donation to the:

Kay Yow logo

The Kay Yow Cancer Fund is a 501 (c)(3) charitable organization committed to being a part of finding an answer in the fight against women’s cancers through raising money for scientific research, assisting the underserved and unifying people for a common cause. If you want to know more about Kay Yow’s story or if you’d like to donate and be part of our #GoddessApproved Team, here’s a link: #GoddessApproved #Play4Kay Donation Site

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