The Goddesses’ Trick to Not Getting Sick

We’re starting to hear it aren’t we? The coughing and hacking just about everywhere we go now… behind us in line at the grocery store, down the hall headed toward us at work, right next to us during Pilates class… yuck-o. The only thing worse than standing next to a coughing mess is BEING a coughing mess. Luckily the Goddesses never find ourselves in that position because we have a special secret. :)
These are super special capsules that when swallowed release the equivalent of mini armies attacking all the bad germs in our system before they can take over and make us as sick as that non-Goddess in Pilates.

The funny thing is the magic that’s in the capsules are nothing new… it’s something your Goddess Grandmother probably took as a child for the same reason… it’s just the new capsule form makes the magic sooooo much easier to swallow.

What’s in these magic capsules? Cod Liver Oil. I know. It doesn’t sound very Goddess-like but believe us, it really is magical. Whenever a Goddess hasn’t been getting enough sleep or finds herself around a bunch of sick people or feels on the brink of just-about-sick, all she does is swallow 3 or 4 of these magic capsules throughout the day and voila, by the next day, she’s in the clear! Operating at 100%! Works every single time. Whenever we meet a sick person who doesn’t believe us, we ask them to try it just for splits and giggles, and every single time, it works and we have a new believer.

Why does it work? I’m not a doctor (so by the way, all supplements you take should be cleared through your physician first of course) but I’ve been told it has to do with the high amounts of Vitamin A and D in Cod Liver Oil that boost your immune system. The only things is, I think it’s more than that because there are a lot of other sources of Vitamin A and D that we’ve tried that just don’t have the same magic sick-fighting power (for instance, we’ve tried regular old “Fish Oil” and for some reason it just doesn’t work the same). Also, just noticed a major bonus while taking this picture: “Supports healthy eyes, skin, and bones.” As far as parts of the body Goddesses want to keep supporting, those are definitely up there in the Top Ten. :)
So before the sick-season gets fully underway, The Goddesses will be hitting up the buy one, get one free supplement sales at our local drugstores and sailing through the winter like Snow Queens… The Life of the Holiday Party, The Diva at the ice skating rink, The Angel of all snow angles… life is too short to be anything less than fabulous, am I right, Goddesses?

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