Video: #GoddessApproved Chef Challenge #4: Chef John Keller

Chef John Keller introduces us to cancer-fighting ingredients we’ve never heard of before, during Round #4 of the #GoddessApproved Chef Challenge! Exhibit A: KOMBU– an absolute SUPER STAR in terms of being anti-inflammatory and full of antioxidants. Add in it’s fiber and vitamin K content and it’s easy to see why Kombu can help prevent tumors and assist in weight loss. More like Kom-BOOM, am I right? 😉

It’s one of the secrets to Chef Keller’s Black Bass Carpaccio recipe which he hopes will win the challenge and raise money for the Kay Yow Cancer Fund. If he passes the challenge, you can become a Cancer-Fighting SUPER STAR yourself by clicking here to donate: Kay Yow Cancer Fund Donation Site

The Kay Yow Cancer Fund is a amazing charitable organization that raises money for scientific research and to assist the underserved in the fight against all women’s cancers! Kom-BOOM!

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