Video: #GoddessApproved Chef Challenge #5 – DUCK & BABY ARTICHOKES WITH FLOWERS by Chef Nicolas Abello

Thank Goddess it’s Friday, because the last time we tried to cook duck without supervision, we ended up with something that was less duck… more puck. It’s ok. We made the best of it and turned it into a donation. You’re welcome NY Rangers.

Let’s see if Chef Nicolas Abello can pull off a Hat-Trick during today’s #GoddessApproved Chef Challenge. He’s getting ready to open L’Appart – an intimate 28-seat restaurant with a chef’s counter and tasting menus at Le District in NYC. Naturally, he wants the menu to be #GoddessApproved first before opening the restaurant to the public. We get that a lot.

The goal (hockey puns are so in right now) of the #GoddessApproved Chef Challenge is to raise money for the Kay Yow Cancer Fund and we need your help. Click here to donate: Kay Yow Cancer Fund Donation Site and join the fight against all women’s cancers!

We’re body-checking cancer from all angles: Funding direct help to the underserved and to cancer research while learning about foods that have cancer-fighting properties. Power Play!

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