Video: #GoddessApproved Chef Challenge #8: Eat Me Up Cuisine

Crack vs. Olive Oil: Which one is whack and which one is Cancer-Fighting? Ok, that one was easy (the rhyming alone gives it away).

But how about this one: Wild Salmon vs. Farm-Raised Salmon: Which one is whack (i.e. cancer-causing) and which one is Cancer-Fighting? How about Cast Iron Pans vs. Non-Stick Pans?

Not so easy now, is it? Wasn’t for us either.

Thank Goddess Chef Alexia Grant of Eat Me Up Cuisine decided to take on this week’s #GoddessApproved Chef Challenge to help us sort through the whack from the non-whack of eating. That alone is a comforting thought. Then, she ups the ante with a recipe for actual Comfort Food. (Insert mike-drop here.)

The question is, will her dish pass the challenge and be declared a Food of The Goddesses (i.e. a 100% Cancer-fighting food-filled dish)? If Chef Grant passes the challenge, you can become a Cancer-Fighting SUPER STAR yourself by clicking here and donating to the Kay Yow Cancer Fund –an amazing charitable organization that raises money for scientific research and to assist the underserved in the fight against all women’s cancers!

Also, don’t forget to contact your local Jay Z representative to petition for a NO GMO Remix on his next album. Thank you.

#FoodIsLove #CookOrDie #Muah!

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