Video: #GoddessApproved Chef Challenge #9: Bear Restaurant

Deviled Eggs. Sounds predictable, right? Initially, we thought the same thing:

That’s all you got, Chef Natasha Pogrebinsky? This is no picnic, darling. This is the #GoddessApproved Chef Challenge. If you don’t bring your A-Game, you’re going home without the hashtag.

Harsh, we know, but standards are standards. You can’t win a culinary award more coveted than a Michelin Star by hitting the snooze button.

Ever heard the phrase, never wake a sleeping bear? I think that’s what we did during Round #9 of the #GoddessApproved Chef Challenge. We walked into Bear Restaurant feeling intact about our ideas of what a Deviled Egg is, but walked OUT

A. Wondering what we were thinking
B. Hoping to meet a hero named Slava
C. Trying to wrap our heads around how to make sauerkraut in the snow
D. Questioning Wall Street’s favoritism of horns over honey

It. Was. Wild.

Oh, and then there was the Dill Dare.

You can’t make this stuff up. That’s why we bring cameras.

But here’s where it gets interesting: If Chef Pogrebinsky passes the #GoddessApproved Chef Challenge by creating a 100% Cancer-fighting Hero of a dish, we’re inviting you to hit the hero mark by clicking here and donating to the Kay Yow Cancer Fund –an amazing charitable organization that raises money for scientific research and to assist the underserved in the fight against all women’s cancers!

We’re tackling cancer from all angles: direct help to the underserved, research and learning about foods that have cancer-fighting properties!

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