Workout: Biceps On The Road

1. Standard Bicep Curls: Using my workout band (with only one foot on the band—plenty of resistance for my bis)
tucking elbows close to my side and keeping them as stationary as I can
I lift both handles, palms facing ceiling, toward shoulders, giving biceps an extra squeeze at the top.
Then lower handles all the way down to thighs, palms facing away from thighs.

2. Wide-Angle Bicep Curls: Keeping elbows fairly close to my side, I swing the handles outward about 45 degrees.
Then I curl them all the way up to shoulder height, giving a squeeze at the top
then lower 3/4 of the way down and repeat. This hits the inner bicep.

3. Concentration Curls: I made a loop on the floor with my band by criss-crossing it. The loop was a little bigger than a cantaloupe and a little smaller than a basketball.
Then, I stepped on either side of the circle and bent my knees into a deep squat, butt at a 90-degree angle from the floor (again, getting a min-leg workout in!!) and tucked my elbows inside my knees (using that inner part of my knee/thigh to keep my elbows stationary).

Then I lowered the handles all the way down and curled them up— yes, squeezing at the top.
I did 30 reps of each then, repeated the circuit 2 more times so by the end I had done 3 sets of each move. Bang! Done.

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