Workout: Shoulders Day – On The Road

1. Overhead Shoulder Presses with a Twist:
I started out with one foot holding the band
Band one foot IMG_7282
but it wasn’t quite enough resistance so I switched to 2 feet on the band making sure the length was equal on either side.
You can do shoulder presses a bunch of ways, I decided to do the ones with a twist. These begin with elbows bent, handles at shoulder height, palms facing the shoulders.
As I press the handles up over my shoulders, I twist my wrists outward so that by the time I hit the top (elbows straight, hands as high as they will go) my palms are now facing the wall in front of me.
Then when I come back down to starting position (slow and controlled—this is also part of the exercise), I twist my outer wrists back inward so I end up in the same position as I started (palms facing shoulders.) The twisting—up and down— happens about halfway through the move.

2. Rear Delt Flies: Bending my knees, and bending my torso over slightly (my back at about a 45-degree angle) I bring the handles up waist high, palms facing each other, elbows bent slightly, about halfway between a right angle and being straight. So what’s between 90 and 180 degrees? 135 degrees? (yes, I had to use a calculator for that).
Then concentrating on using the muscles surrounding my shoulder blades, I swing (with control) the handles out and up to shoulder height, no higher.
Rear Delt Flies
Then back to starting position and repeat.
Some people like to do these sitting on a chair and leaning forward. I like doing them standing up with knees bent because it adds a little leg workout at the same time.:)

3. Upright Rows: I love these! Holding the handles with palms facing my thighs, I bring my thumbs together so they almost touch (I was so excited I forgot to take a pic of the starting position). Then, keeping my thumbs close together, I slide the handles up toward my shoulders, keeping them as close to my body without actually touching it, elbows out and up at an angle slightly higher than my wrists, and stop pulling just to the point underneath my chin.
Then lower and repeat.

4. John Travoltas: I drop one of the band’s handles on the floor and grab the other handle with my right hand. Holding that handle just above my left hip (palm facing torso) I step on the band with my right foot at the point that makes it so the band is just taut.
Then in one smooth motion (or as smooth as I can) I straighten my elbow out in front of me and reach up and back toward the edge of the ceiling that’s on my right side, arm at about a 45-degree angle from my right shoulder (like Travolta in Saturday Night Fever minus the pointing index finger). The movement stops when my hand is in line with my shoulder. I don’t go further back than that.
Then, at the same angle, reaching down and out in front of me with a straight arm, I lower my arm back down to where it was at the start. I do as many reps as I can before switching and doing the left side.

5. Front Raises: I start out grabbing one handle with my right hand (to give my left shoulder a break after doing the Travoltas) leaving the other handle on the floor. I put my left hand on my hip and my right hand, palm facing thigh, barely touching my right thigh (again forgot to take pic of starting position). I step on the band with my right foot at the spot that just makes the band taut. Then, keeping my elbow as straight as I can, I raise my right hand to shoulder height, no higher, palm facing the floor.
Again, as many reps as I can do and then switch and do the left side.

Doing shoulders with the band, I didn’t focus on a certain number of reps for each move. I just did as many as I could, and when my arms refused to do one more, that was the end of the set. I did 2 sets of each move.

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